These mixies are ones that I adopted from other people or got from TFM or PUGS. I might show them later but for now they are just for breeding.

These were adopted from Alexzander.

This cool mixie is from Acailura on RKC.

These mixies came from Amanda@Cargo on TFM and PUGS.

This pretty girl came from Arie on TFM.

This cutie I got from Audaxity.

These I got from Bec. Most came from they're breeding service.

I got the next four from Buck.

These good doggos came from CatCreature.

I got this next bunch from Commander's breeding service and TFM.

I got this guy from Cookiedough.

This pretty girl came from CRUSH on TFM. I got Brody from a Mother's Day Special on the Petzcord.

I got these ones from Debbie@TDK from TFM.

I got these two from Doodlybops(Meiari) on Petzcord.

Gingerade@RKC gave me these two lovely Sodapups! They also gave me Joker.

I got this little one from Jabbie.

I got this one from Jayote.

Josi bred this cool dude.

I got this one from Jenn@Nightbloom on TFM.

I got these three from lemurflight on RKC.

I got these from LunarLex.

These good boys are from Megan@Xoops.

This bunch I got from Mika on Petzcord and TFM.

I got this cutie from Mona on WW.

I got these from Nostalgic.

I got this OW husky from Palcat5.

These cuties came from ParanoiaPaige on TFM, RKC, and WW.

This doggo came from Penny @ Just Dandy.

This cutie came from RatBard.

This cutie came from Ratqueen.

These twins I got from Rho on RKC. I also got some others from her breeding service.

These PUGS adopts I got from Rose @ Paperclip.

These pups came from Sakura.

These guys came from Salem.

This beauty came from Shade@NSP.

These guys came from a mixed mystery bag and an adoption from StancyMcKatt.

This guy came from Unicorn on TFM.

UniquePetz made this selectie Corgi breed.

This big group of adopts came from Willow.

This girl came from Yaoi Paw.

These guys came from Zan.