Hello~ and Welcome!

This is my site for my Dogz and Catz and other Petzy things. It's to help me keep track of them and so others can see them. I hope you enjoy your time here. ^^

I was specializing in Newfoundlands, both Corgis, Beagles, NFC, Orientals and Manxs in the PKC. They are some of my favorite breeds. I might do others in the future though. I also have many mixies and moggies that I will do any breeding you would like.

Please leave me a message~


16 January 2022: NEW SITE! WOOOOO! Well it's pretty much the same site just updated. XD

25 July- 3 August 2021: Updated all Mixies, Moggies, Hexies, and Stamps. Everything should be up to date now.

18 July 2021: Added a stamp collection. Also been doing up pictures here and there.

16-27? June 2021: Did a bunch of pictures and put up more Hexies and moggies.

11 April 2021: Added a couple of hexies and fiddled around a bit.

9 April 2021: Updated my Mixies page!

29-30 March 2021: Worked on My Hexes page and my Adoption Center~

24 March 2021: Uploaded rl photos of Alex, me, and our pets!

9 March 2021: New layout for spring!

5 January 2021: Finished getting all my Moggies up.

4 January 2021: All Hexies and Mixies have been added! :D

1 January 2021: Changed my sites theme for winter! Also added some photos to the Hexies section.

23-31 December 2020: LOTS of updates! Winnings to my PKC crew added. Also Now have a Hexies section.

25-27 August 2020: Added all dog and cat adoptions. Also updated all points and ribbons.

18 July 2020: Added adoptions! Did a few minor updates. Everything is pretty much complete now. :3

15 July 2020: New site address. Under construction!

07 July 2020: Took me several days but Mixies are finally updated. Still got a few new ones to add though.

03 July 2020: Added dogs to the other section. They are ones I don't plan on showing. At least for now.

02 July 2020: It took me two days but I finally added all of my Varg/wolf OCs.

29 June 2020: Updated some Dogz, added Wegies, and some Wildz :3 Leashy updated this all by herself. :D (With a little help getting started.)

20 June 2020: All the 20s. Alex wrote this ;)