Petz I got from the AC

My Alaskan Klee Kai family: Balto, Genna, and their three pups.

My American Eskimo family: Igloo is Georgette and Bizket's pup. Scone is Genevieve and Bizket's pup.

My Anatolian Shepards

My Alaskan Husky

My Finnish Reindeer Hearder

My English Bulldog

My Dingo, Honey

My Alaskan Malamute

Petz I got from other people.

This special dog came from Alex@Marvel and his bred line of Samoyeds.

Gotham's Protector at Spellman
RKC Conformation Points 2/10
Paranoiapaige's EBW Dali Dec. 5th: HM- 1pt
Commander's EBW Dali Show #182 Dec. 14: HM- 1pt

Rory is a lab from Alexzander.

This Pyrenean Mountian Dog and Mutt came from Buck's 2020 Advent Calender.

This handsome German Shepherd is from Collene Conrad. If anyone knows their Petz alias please let me know.

I got this girl who's mixed with an Ally cat from Lizzzy on Petzcord.