Adoptions! Right now you can find some extra hexies that are still available. If you want to trade here's my wishlist

Bred Petz:
-Name/sex change are okay
-Use LKC (Leashy's Kennels and Cattery) if you show
-MPA or return to me if you no longer want
-Assume all dogz are bred with OWs
-Assume all petz are inbred
-Anything else goes!
Hexed Petz:
-Name/sex change are okay.
-DO NOT brex/hex/fix something that may be broken without asking first
-Do NOT claim as your own -Use LKC (Leashy's Kennels and Cattery) if you show
-MPA or return to me if no longer want.
-Anything else, just ask.

You can find adoptions here: TFM

And adoptions here: PUGS

I am also deciding to offer a breeding service! You can DM me a request and I'll get back to you.
How many Offspring:

I have some hexies for adoption yet as well.
White and Black Sparkle Dali's

Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Violet

Black Red, Black Green, Black Violet,

Rainbow Sheepies

Red, Orange, Purple, Pink

Valentine's Day and Anti Valentine's Day Dogz

Red Valentine, Hot Pink Valentine, Dark Red Valentine, Black Valentine

Red AntiValentine, Dark Red AntiValentine

Heart and Black Heart Catz

Hot Pink Heart Cat, Black Heart Cat

Red Black Heart Cat, Hot Pink Black Heart Cat, Cream Black Heart Cat